Version 7 - white labelling - and pricing


I’m surprised that the ‘agency’ price is more than double the ‘business’ price.

In my experience of using verion 5:

Change notifications are interesting to keep an eye on clients - but not essential

Non of my clients care about white labelling. I tell them the CMS is Surreal.

So for me the only difference is the Developer API - which I would never use anyway.

** Is the version 7 white labelling as per version 5? Upload a logo, change the colour, using your own domain and a custom log in form? Or is there more to it?


Along with [upcoming] API access, you can set your own logo and use a custom domain such as This is by far the most popular feature.

It’s currently $12/mo vs $24/mo. The former is intended for agencies who would need such a white-label option. The latter is for anyone managing commercial websites.


Pricing went up? I was planning to pay for a yearly plan at the old pricing soon… ahhh :frowning:


I’m not complaining though. I don’t mind price increases if the reasoning behind them can be justified and not done randomly (cough cPanel).


I’ll be happy to honor the previous pricing for you. Your feedback has been extremely helpful. When you’re ready to upgrade, let me know.

I’m still trying to find the sweet spot for version 7 pricing. The previous plans were underpriced and, considering the forthcoming upgrades, my estimates showed an uncomfortable impact on revenue. I’m OK with taking a hit because the new version is superior and easier to market, but I still need to keep things sustainable.

My launch price 10 years ago was $25/mo for unlimited sites. At $12/mo and $24/mo, both of the new plans are cheaper and there’s a hell of a lot more value today than there was in 2008 :slight_smile:


Hi Cory

You’ve got a great product and I think the $12/month plan is very good value.



Agreed. Surreal CMS pays for itself every month by not having to update it or plugins. All done automatically.

That would be great. I’m finishing up my website so I’ll let you know ASAP. Thank you Cory.