Version 7 first questions


Uploads folder - presumably this is where anything the client uploads will go? Or can they somehow manage to upload stuff somewhere else?

User Privileges - I really valued this feature, it made Surreal super easy for clients to use (because I’d turn nearly everything off). They aren’t faced with too many options.

Impersonate - I really valued this feature as it helped me to see Surreal as my clients see it. To get around this I’ve created a Test User that allows me to log in and see what my clients can see.

Billing - is there a 14 days trial? I’ve just upgraded to the Business Plan and it doesn’t appear to be a 14 day trial.

The post about the launch of version 7 said “you’ll be able to upgrade your version 5 account through the dashboard”. I can’t find this. I’m manually moving sites to version 7.

“User privileges have been removed. Most privileges that people cared about involved uploading, deleting, and renaming files. Now that you can restrict these operations to an arbitrary uploads folder, these privileges are no longer required.” I normally put the html pages of the website in the public folder on the server. Then have a resources folder for images and PDFs etc. I’ve set the ‘uploads folder’ to be my ‘resources folder’. Does this mean that the client can’t delete any of the html pages because they are not in the uploads folder? It looks to me that pages can be deleted by Users (even though the pages are not in the Uploads Folder)

I couldn’t link to Google Analytics. Google came up with a warning that the app is not verified.

I’m not keen on the robot faces. I can’t imagine many people are going to have their clients portraits or have the time or inclination to add them to Surreal. So we’re just left with a lot of unattractive robot heads. Can this featured be removed entirely?

I’m moving sites from version 5 to version 7. Some of the sites include Custom Styles (mainly to style bits of text). Is there an Edit Custom Styles in version 7?