Version 7 documentation


I’m finding the documentation for version 7 incomplete. I’m getting 404 errors on some of the links as well.

For example, Google has indexed the old photo gallery page but when visiting it, the website doesn’t redirect to the new location for the photo gallery documentation.

On the Frequently Asked Questions page, the character encoding page is not found when clicking on the link.


The new site is hosted on S3 + CloudFront. To do redirects, I need to physically create an object for all previous pages. Unfortunately, I can’t use a regex to handle this. :confused:

I’m hoping Google updates quickly. All the other V5 links have been updated.

Thanks. I fixed this link. Originally, the encoding page was separate. Now it’s merged with the metadata page.


I’ve had a quick look at the documentation for version 7 and compared to version 5 there looks to be less of it – there is not as many links in the document menu. Where has the previous info gone?

I loved the documentation for version 5. At the start of every Surreal project I’d simply go through the docs step by step.

I’m concerned that info is missing or incomplete?


I think it is all there but under different page names and some information combined onto one page.


Cory: is the documentation complete? I always found the version 5 documentation to be excellent and would like it to be just as good in version 7.


The old site is still up:

The old version wasn’t really friendly to brand new users. I tried to make the docs simpler without leaving anything out, but I’m open to feedback.

Most pages were completely rewritten. Some things have been moved around to a more logical place, but I don’t believe anything is missing. (Tutorials have been moved to the blog, though.)


I rather liked the old documentation as it had everything under categories but the new documentation isn’t too bad.

Would it be possible to see a tutorial on integrating PhotoSwipe? The current photo gallery tutorials all depend on jQuery. Almost all of the websites I develop now, do not use jQuery for performance and security reasons.