Version 7 Client Privileges


In Surreal Version 5 we can set privileges for clients, such that they couldn’t delete pages, rename files etc. Is this facility going to be in Version 7?

Yes, I do have a client who I really don’t want to be able to delete pages… :slight_smile:


Usage for privileges isn’t very high in V5, but I do understand there may be some value in some of the options.

At the same time, allowing clients to create but not delete always seemed like bad UX. I’d almost rather implement a “trash can” feature instead. (Maybe they can’t permanently delete files?)

I’m open to a discussion about it.


I’d like to see this feature implemented again. Even if it isn’t used as often, it probably helps with the marketing of Surreal CMS.


A “trash can” would be preferable as this guy will delete or break anything he can get his hands on unless the editable parts are nailed down at all corners.

It’s also useful for a couple of other clients who have a habit of “accidents” in removing image files and then wondering why their news page is broken or uploading really huge image files as replacements…

My typical client is the person who makes the local village parish newsletter / runs a small club and would use 5+ fonts on an small flyer for a local meet-up :grimacing:


I second the request for User Privilages to be brought back.

I think clients liked that they couldn’t break anything, delete anything or generally mess their website up to much.