Version 7.0 ETA?


Just wondering if there is a time frame for when 5.0 users can upgrade to the 7.0? I may just be overlooking it, but I don’t see any sort of ETA and the last update was from last year.


You can upgrade now. I did months ago.

Note that there isn’t yet an automatic way to update the Surreal code, but the old version 5 code still works. Also note the scaling and cropping of images feature in version 5 is no longer available in version 7.


Weird. Maybe I’m just overlooking the option somewhere?


Argh, yes from memory I don’t think there is a button to upgrade. I think I had to create a new versoin 7 account and then manually add my client websites to the new account. Then I closed my version 5 account.


Ahh okay. Yeah I knew that was an option. I just saw in a post where it was announced it could automatically transfer everything in the future, just didn’t see any new updates on that. I did play around with the new one last night. It’s pretty nice. Thanks for the reply!