Users - permissions and administrators


I’m working on a website for a client. The client has a team of 5 people responsible for the website. They all want to be Administrators, so that they can manage other, different, Users of the site.

  • If the Surreal CMS is under my account (I manage several different websites under my account) is this possible, without allowing the Administrator to manage all the sites and users within my account?

  • I’m assuming this is not possible. So presumably I should set the client up with their own Surreal account, just for their website, and then more than one person can be the Administrator of their site. And they can manage billing themselves.

  • As well as the Administrators there will be several Users of the site. These Users should only have Permission to manage certain sections of the site. For example, one User might be responsible for the blog. Administrators can manage which existing pages Users can manage. But is there a way to allow a User to manage a whole section (like a blog) which will have new pages created. i.e. when creating a new page can a User be allowed to manage a certain page template? … Without an Administrator having to continually give permission for a User to manage a new page.

Thank you


One of your problems is going to be the Uploads - probably images and documents - for the different sections. How to prevent a User/Editor creating a new page and dropping files in another section of the site where its mixed up with images for a different section.

One way to tackle this is by using sub-domains for each of the sections - the Admins can then be in charge of one or more of the subdomains. Users will only be able to upload into the designated sub-domain folder for their section.

With different templates, you might need to label them as for the section use (Blog Template, Gallery Template etc.) or a simpler solution: create a dummy template for each section and allow the Editors to only duplicate the dummy page before writing their copy.

I’m actually implementing this second option for a single client as he persists in messing up choosing the “right” template for the section he wants to add to. I’ve persuaded him that duplicating an existing page and editing the content is probably a better solution for how he uses his web site.

Would be most interested with what you decide as I have an old-cars enthusiasts club who want to share out the job of adding content and I’m thinking quite hard how to do this…


Many thanks for your reply.

I’m guessing a subdomain will appear as a separate site with Surreal CMS. Hence a User won’t be able to access other areas of the website because Surreal CMS will treat them as separate sites. I can see that working. A User can only add new pages / edit content / upload content in their subdomain.

However, administratively this could cause issues? If we update a template it would have to be updated across several ‘sites’, and I assume it’s not great for SEO?

I’m hoping that Cory might be able to help.