Use Surreal to maintain intranet


Totally new to CMS/Surreal …

We (a small financial advice form - primarily mortgages - a team of 6) have an intranet (hosted on our LAN) which has operated fine for many years years.

I am in the process of introducing some pages built on tables with flexible grids which require information entered and updated for each individual lender ‘as and when’. Rather than all falling on me (I use a traditional web builder software not really suited for totally inexperienced, but IT competent, staff) - I would like our 3 cases managers to update the relevant sections of these pages.

Can I use surreal to address this challenge ??

I am subsequently looking at providing a friend a replacement website (on which I can hopefully work my SEO magic for him) and giving him - or his neurotic wife - some level of access to update selected areas. But that is for project 2 !!


The best advice I have it, give it a shot. It costs nothing to setup a site, and there’s a 14 day grace period for commercial sites before a plan is required.

This is the best way to determine whether or not Surreal will work for you needs :slight_smile: