Upload Entire Folder


Would it be possible in the future to add to the Upload function the ability to upload entire folders instead of selecting files one by one? I realize you can upload multiple files at once by selecting a range, or selecting more than one image at a time, but, the convenience of uploading a folder would make that task a lot easier and faster.


Looks like this is available as a non-standard browser feature: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/HTMLInputElement/webkitDirectory

We can explore this but I believe it’s the same as opening the folder and selecting all the files in it. I’m not sure how it handles subfolders though.


Well, we definitely would not want to go with something that isn’t standard enough to where we can depend on it being available to everyone. I was at a customer site the other day, and when he uploaded files, one time he would use an old laptop, and then sometimes go to another desk and use an Apple PC. But, this would be a cool feature to have at some point in time. I realize you can accomplish the same thing by creating a folder, then opening the folder, selecting all of the files, and then upload. But, it would be nice to eliminate a few steps. This same customer, when I was showing him how to use the CMS to upload images, immediately tried to drag and drop a folder into the file structure. So, maybe someday.