Upcoming API release


Hello, I’m just curious when you plan to release the API to your Agency Plan subscribers? I’m loving the simplicity of the CMS but am eager to extend its capabilities. Do you have a timeline for this?


I don’t have a definitive timeline yet. What features are you looking forward to the most?

The more I know about what folks are trying to do, the more I can focus on those features first :slight_smile:


In general, it would be great to have the full v5 API in v7.

For the first moment these functions would be very helpful:

HTTP URL Description
POST /sites Creates a site
GET /sites Gets a list of sites
GET /sites/<site-id> Gets a single site
PUT /sites/<site-id> Updates a site
DELETE /sites/<site-id> Deletes a site

Sites / Pages
HTTP URL Description
POST /sites/<site-id>/pages Enables a page
GET /sites/<site-id>/pages Gets a list of pages
GET /sites/<site-id>/pages/<page-id> Gets a single page
DELETE /sites/<site-id>/pages/<page-id> Disables a page
RENAME /sites/<site-id>/pages/<page-id> Renames a page (filename)

Sites / Templates
HTTP URL Description
POST /sites/<site-id>/templates Creates a template
GET /sites/<site-id>/templates Gets a list of templates
GET /sites/<site-id>/templates/<template-id> Gets a single template
PUT /sites/<site-id>/templates/<template-id> Updates a template
DELETE /sites/<site-id>/templates/<template-id> Deletes a template

HTTP URL Description
POST /users Creates a user
GET /users Gets a list of users
GET /users/<user-id> Gets a single user
PUT /users/<user-id> Updates a user
DELETE /users/<user-id> Deletes a user

Users / Login
HTTP URL Description
POST /users/<user-id>/login Generates a login token

Users / Permissions
HTTP URL Description
GET /users/<user-id>/permissions Gets permissions
PUT /users/<user-id>/permissions Updates permissions


Sites / Snippets
HTTP URL Description
POST /sites/<site-id>/snippets Creates a snippet
GET /sites/<site-id>/snippets Gets a list of snippets
GET /sites/<site-id>/snippets/<snippet-id> Gets a single snippet
PUT /sites/<site-id>/snippets/<snippet-id> Updates a snippet
DELETE /sites/<site-id>/snippets/<snippet-id> Deletes a snippet

Sites / Styles
HTTP URL Description
GET /sites/<site-id>/styles Gets styles for a site
PUT /sites/<site-id>/styles Updates styles for a site

If I can help with testing, just let me know!


Hi Cory

I just want to say again how enthusiastic I am about your solution! We are planning to build a SaaS platform on this basis and hope very much that we can rely on it for next 5-10 years.

We will also upgrade to an AGENCY license as soon as we are ready. For our project, however, we would be very depending on an API interface.

Could we speed up the development of the API with a 5 year advance payment? :slight_smile:

Kind regards from Switzerland


Hi cory

The reason why an API is so important for us is that we handle everything up to the sitemap & navigation in our application.

I don’t see a solid possibility to handle a responsive navigation with multiple levels of repeatables within SurrealCMS. From the page editing SurrealCMS can and does exactly what we need on a very solid and smooth way.

Regards, Daniel


This is super helpful…thanks!