UNDO for Edit Source


It would be a great thing if we could “undo” changes after editing source, particularly if you edit the entire source that’s available through “Edit” then “Edit Page Source.” Once you do it now, it’s permanent, and if something gets messed up then you’re having to rummage through the code trying to find out what happens. What makes it more difficult is there is no “preview” so that you can view the results of your changes. All you have is “submit,” which makes your changes permanent, and you don’t know how it will look until you get back into the editor.

Seems to me a temporary copy of the code could be stored so that if disaster strikes you can back out and return to the previous version before editing.


The tricky part here is that we don’t store the entire file — only content regions. That’s why we recommend keeping local backups :slight_smile:

This proposal would mean a complete change to how revisions work. It would also be really difficult to generate a preview reliably since we support various server-side technologies.

I do see how it would be useful, but I’m not sure how it could be implemented given the current architecture. Typically the edit source feature is reserved for admins, so it’s not something that comes up very often either. :confused:


I understand. I do keep backups all over the place, even offsite storage, for our work PCs and our web servers. It would just be handy if I didn’t have to retrieve something from backup if there is an editing mistake.

It would be a cool feature if you could ever work it into your plans.