Unable to read from the server


Hi everyone,

Is anyone able to shed some light on why I might be getting the error 'Unable to read from the server’ when adding new articles to my website. FTP details are correct and test connection says everything is ok, still I’m not able to add articles to my news page.

Thank you in advance for your help!



Hi im also having the same issue! Its really annoying because all details are correct and my page displays perfect, But as soon as I hit publish Im getting the error ’ Unable to locate file on the server ’

any help will be much apricated!



That usually means one of three things:

  1. Your home folder is incorrect. Head over to Sites > Edit Site and double check it. Use the browse button to make sure you have the right place.

  2. Your website requires the PASV option to be toggled. You can do this from Sites > Edit Site.

  3. The FTP user that Surreal is using doesn’t have read access to the server (this is much less common).

Let me know if any of those help!


After toggling PASV option I solved the issue.