Unable to access files *SOLVED*


For some reason selecting passive FTP resolved the issue.
I have a site that has been working fine for almost two years now. I just uploaded a new page and want to enable it for editing by my client and Surreal doesn’t display any pages in the dialogue when I go to Enable Pages for Editing. Similarly when I go to Manage Files there are no files listed in the window at all. If I try the Test Connection to Server, it reports everything is okay and the FTP credentials are okay and haven’t changed. I attempted to edit a page and get a message saying “unable to locate file on server.” I am using still using v5. Have I just forgotten something obvious, or is there something else going on? It’s as if the connection to the site has vanished.


It sounds like your web host did an update or migrated your site to another server. Try updating your home folder. That usually does the trick.


Thanks Cory. For some reason the answer was to set the use passive FTP in the settings page. Now, everything works like a charm again.