This page doesn’t have any content regions


i’m using a free hosting and domain name for testing , i want to use the editor but it shows
“This page doesn’t have any content regions.”

i checked the folder location and it’s quite right

i see this message on the dashboard

“If your website doesn’t use HTTPS, stylesheets and other mixed content will not load in the editor. Please consider securing your website with an SSL certificate.”

so i figured that i need a real domain and hosting , the problem is i still don’t own that ,
is there a way around this?


You’re probably seeing a landing page from your host if you’re getting “This page doesn’t have any content regions”. That’s unrelated to the HTTPS issue. Perhaps the page URL is incorrect. Submit a help request with the domain and I’ll be happy to take a closer look.

To answer your question, you will need SSL (HTTPS) for things to work properly, as browsers are blocking mixed content with no option to allow it. It’s a good practice to have one anyways, and there are ways to get them for free.


how do i submit a help request?


A help request can be submitted through the Support section of the CMS.