Tables are no longer editable, red border around region


Tables used to be editable, but now they aren’t in the latest Surreal CMS update. Editable tables seemed to work fine in previous version, but now a third of one of my websites is uneditable and clients are unhappy.


Back in October, we enabled lists and tables so they could be made directly editable. However, we jumped the gun a bit as the library that powers our editor (TinyMCE) never intended to support editable tables (there are some technical challenges that make it difficult to do properly across various browsers).

TinyMCE removed this feature in a recent version, which means we can’t support directly editable tables in Surreal anymore (however, lists are still directly editable).

To be clear, you can edit tables in Surreal, you just can’t make them directly editable.


<div class="editable">


<table class="editable">

Apologies for the inconvenience!

Surreal CMS 5.1