Synchronized Text Boxes?



I have recently completed a website made in Adobe Muse. My client would like to be able to make alterations to certain pages and text that appears in more than one area on the website.

I am just wondering if anyone has successfully used/edited synchronized text boxes (or linked text boxes) across different pages before? Or does anyone know if it is at all possible through surreal cms?

I have looked through the forums but could not find any info. I am having a bit of trouble with this and any help or any other methods of achieving this would be greatly appreciated!



Surreal supports a few types of include files, but nothing for static sites yet.

In the upcoming 6.0 release, we’re introducing a featured called Static Includes that will let you do this without the need for PHP or SSI.


Yeah +1 on the PHP includes if Muse can handle it. Super simple if you know HTML and change all the pages to .php