Surreal and Markdown?


I’m in v6 of Surreal… trying to place some **markdown** on a page in surreal, but it doesn’t convert. Need some guidance.

Do I need to use Surreal 7?


Markdown shortcuts work in both versions, but only as you type (e.g. pasted content won’t be altered).

Feel free to submit a help request with a link to the affected page(s) if you want me to take a look!


Thanks, Cory. We will be launching a local online publication, and we’re trying to develop an optimum workflow from author to web, via Google Docs/Drive and Surreal.

Any ideas, greatly appreciated!


The easiest way is probably a script that does the conversion from markdown to HTML for you. If there are only a handful of pages, you could do it manually.


Thanks, Cory! Do you know of such a script?


Here’s a super basic example: