Sub Administrators


Yes, I would like to see a feature whereby we, the ‘Master Administrator’ can add a user that has Full Administrative powers but setup as a ‘sub’ account. In other words add a new client/admin who can add their own domains but not have access to any other domains outside of their account - administrate the domains that are added by them and them only. A mini me of sorts. The advantage of this is that such a user would (under the assumption that they are savvy enough to do so), manage their account with minimal interaction from the ‘Master Administrator’, just like a reseller (think web hosting style of reselling) if you will, we could then sell such accounts to those who want it.


This would be a big + to the cms. Specially for controlling users within a sub site. Or maybe there is a workaround? @cory ?


Aside from reselling at a different level, what benefit does this extra layer of admin provide? The majority of designers agree that clients shouldn’t have access to many of the features they themselves have access to. This is why we designed the admin/client roles so closely around the agency/client relationship.

And, if you’re reselling to a person or team that has the capability to handle all those admin functions, why wouldn’t they simply sign up for their own account? It seems like an affiliate program would be a more suitable option for that use case.


Hi Cory, that’s correct what you’re pointing out.
It was more a question that some kind of “subadmin” could manage the users for “subsites”.
(see my previous post ( Ability to duplicate sites )


Agreed Cory. I was thinking about ‘White Label’. In other words I would sell access to the CMS and manage the users of the CMS and their respective accounts adding another layer/tier between me the Admin/SuperUser and those who would have accounts with Admin Privileges to domains that they add and those domains only. Whereas I would be able to control all of the domains within the ‘master’ account, my domains and theirs.