So - do I build a site elsewhere and THEN edit it here?


Embarrassed not to get this. It’s an editor not a builder… but there’s no mention of building a site elsewhere. I’m confused - I don’t think this is an overlay on another CMS but… wth?


Build your website using handcoding / Bootstrap / Foundation etc, and then ‘plug in’ Surreal CMS to allow clients to edit their content. Surreal is not a builder, it is just a Content Management System.

The beauty of Surreal is that it very simple for designers/developers to add to a site, and it is very simple for clients to use. Much simplier than Wordpress for example. And because it is a paid for service the support is great.


Hey Dano. If you’re looking for help to build your website, please let me know. Like @Mark_E said, you use Surreal CMS once you already have a website. It’s mostly used to edit the content of the websites that were built without using any other web builders or other CMS like WordPress