Shopping Cart recommendation?


My client (who uses Surreal CMS) wants to add a shopping cart into his website. Curious what you guys are using when a client wants to do this. Before I spend time implementing it would be nice to know if one was real easy for the my client to manage within Surreal. Thanks!


Ecwid is incredibly easy to use.


Thank you. Ecwid is definitely very easy. Great recommendation! :slight_smile:


I personally use a free one called mals ecommerce.
Very easy to add its code snippets to your site and its fully responsive
check it out here



A friend of mine launched a few months ago. It’s incredibly easy to use and works through your own Stripe account, so it’s very secure. It also happens to be completely free while in beta.

Tinycart lets you create items in their dashboard and simply copy/paste special “Buy Links” into your webpages. They handle the entire shopping cart and checkout experience, which is streamlined to optimize your sales. All in all, it’s a really slick app.

We’re planning on a full integration after Surreal 6.0 lands. The goal is to be able to link your TInycart account to Surreal and add items without leaving the editor. This will be super convenient, but even without the integration (i.e. right now) it’s not hard to use — you just need to tab over and copy the buy links :slight_smile:

Here’s the link again:

Let me know if you try it, and if you reach out to Tinycart’s support, tell Michael that Cory sent you!