Repeatable Regions


Forgive me if this is already a feature - I’ve tried to find a workaround but haven’t been able to.

Not being able to put individual editable regions inside of a repeatable region completely kills potential of this CMS. This alone is keeping me from adding at least 20-30 more sites.



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Now, I understand that everything inside the repeatable div is editable. The problem is that it is only editable as a whole. If my client repeats this region, and hits backspace one too many times within one of the elements, it completely deletes the element. When you have multiple elements with different styles inside of a repeatable region, it makes it next to impossible for an average person to use repeatable regions without confusion.

Why not be able to add a blank instance of the repeatable region, with the style of each element inside predetermined and uneditable? This would keep someone from accidentally removing the formatting from each interior element.

Again, forgive me if this is already possible but the fact that repeatable regions have to be inside an editable region and not being able to have nested editable regions has made this an impossibility for me.


In short, being able to put repeatables outside of content regions would require a different architecture than what Surreal currently uses.

Have you tried using uneditable regions to prevent the user from modifying certain things inside your repeatables?


Using uneditable regions doesn’t help because then they can’t edit the content. I’m not trying to lock the content, just the formatting for each element.


Here’s another problem that has arisen with repeatable regions since the pencil icons have been removed. I have several sites that need the use of repeatable regions, and there are occasions where they don’t want any of the repeatable regions showing. For instance, I have a finance company that will sometimes have repo vehicles for sale. They have a page for this, with each repeatable block containing a title, a description, a price, and one image. There are times when they don’t have any inventory for sale, in which case I would have a custom style of “hidden” that could be applied to the last block (they obviously can’t delete the last one because then there would be nothing to repeat later). This could easily be done by clicking on the pencil icon and applying the “hidden” style. Now without the pencil icon, it’s near impossible to apply the hidden style to the entire block. It will only apply it to singular elements within the block.


Hmm, this is sort of stretching how repeatable regions were intended to be used. I think you’ll be able to take advantage of the upcoming code snippets feature to alleviate the need to hide regions (you’ll be able to simply remove them and add new ones from templates later).

I’m not trying to lock the content, just the formatting for each element.

I see. There’s really not a way around that given the way repeatable regions work. I’ll have to think on this to see what I can come up with.


When will the code snippets feature be available? It sounds like that would alleviate most of the issues that I run into with repeatable regions.


It’s on the roadmap for 5.2, which is in development now. No ETA as we don’t launch until we get it right :slight_smile:


I’m in full support of code snippets—repeatable regions work incredible for certain situations, but I think code snippets will fill in a gap.