Repeatable horizontaly overlapping Toolbar


When I use a repeatables for horizontal navigation, the repeatables toolbar overlaps with the standard toolbar. Is there a way to prevent this?


I’ve noticed this also, I wonder if it’s a bug?


This is a known issue. It happens when a repeatable is the first thing in a content region. Unfortunately, the fix will entail writing a positioning engine, since the one I’m using doesn’t support collision detecting.

I’ve experimented with combining the toolbars and only showing the repeatable options when available, but it didn’t feel quite right. (Although it’s probably a better solution than letting them overlap.)

I also tried hiding the main toolbar when the repeatable one shows, but repeatables can be large and that prevents you from formatting things.

What are you thoughts on moving those options into the main toolbar?


This is a good option from my point of view. A possibility to hide the main toolbar via class (“cms-hidetoolbar” ?) would be the easiest solution for me. For the navigation it is enough to double click on the links, so I do not need any formatting features there.