Problem with uploads folder restiction


I completed transition to version 7 and before closing version 5 account we are testing if everything works fine. We had problems because users noticed that all the uploaded files were in the website root (instead of the folder they chose). Then I saw in the setting page that it is not possible not to define a default upload folder. I need that users can upload files in the right folder and not just in a single one (immagine 10.000 files all in the same folder, what a mess!!!). How to remove the restriction to upload only in the defined upload folder? It is mandatory for me to remove the restriction to use version 7. Also when uploading a file the initial path shown should be the same of the web page that the user is modifying. Exactly as in version 5 that was perfect!!!
Thank you.


You can set your upload folder to the same as your home folder. I don’t recommend it because files will end up in the wrong place at some point, but you can do it.

You can organize the uploads folder by creating subdirectories. This can be done in the CMS or manually if you prefer.


Dear Cory, thank you for your reply. I appreciate your suggestion but I need that my collaborators can upload files exactly where they need to, they are experts and they can do it. I have 308 different website sections at the moment and 308x4 different upload folders. It is not possible for me to define upload folders or subdirectories.

Again, I need that my collaborators can upload files exactly where they need to without restrictions

I want to leave this field empty:


(same as I was doing in version 5).

Thank you


They CAN upload wherever they want IF you set the Upload Folder to point to the Home Folder. The field can’t be blank — it must be set to the home folder OR a subdirectory of the home folder.

The only thing you can’t do is use a folder that’s outside of your home folder, but this is by design and no different than previous versions.


Dear Cory, I solved the problem setting the Upload Folder to point to the Home Folder as you suggested. Thank you very much.

I ask you one more thing about file uploads.
Usually (99%) I have to upload the file in the same folder where html page is located.
It is time consuming to find this folder in a very big website for an external collaborator.
So I would like that when I click BROWSE button and then UPLOAD tab I am already in the current page folder, where I need to upload the file (same principle used by Dreamweaver for example).
Is it possible to set this behavior? My collaborators would save 30% of working time.

Thank you!


Dear Cory,

My collaborators are experiencing huge problems with files uploads.
Please I need your help. I am using free version for now but if you can solve these problems I could buy business CMS account.I had an annual version 5 subscription and it was working good for me.

I set the Upload Folder to point to the HOME Folder as per your suggestion.
But if starting from HOME folder I go inside many subfolders and then I make a new folder and upload a new file into the new folder, then I find both new folder and new file in the HOME folder!!!
(I noticed it happens mainly when I create a new folder in a subdirectory and then I upload a new file inside that folder)

Here is a very short video with the issue.

Please we really need to solve because we have a lot of work delayed for this issue.
Thank you.


This sounds like a really specific problem — possibly something to do with your config. Please submit a support request from the CMS so I can take a look at your account.


I sent you the support request. Thank you!