Plain text region not working


In version 5 it was possible to get a plain text region:

<h1 id="big-heading" class="editable-text">Head text</h1>

I’m trying to replicate this in version 7 following the instructions in the documenation:

<h1 id="big-heading" class="cms-editable" data-type="text">Head text</h1>

In the editor I can make a change to the editable plain text. I then press Publish and hey-presto the counter goes round and it looks like it has published. However if I then go to the live website, or look at the source code in Surreal no changes have been saved.

Other editable elements (not plain text) are working fine.

What’s going on?


Thanks for reporting this. I identified a bug where text regions were not being serialized, causing them to be omitted from publishing. As of today, this has been resolved.

Apologies for the inconvenience!