PICTURE tag with srcset, IMG tag with srcset


Hi Cory,

Is there a way to manage PICTURE tag with srcset and also IMG tag with srcset, in the CMS? I think it would be nice that the platform would allow to select more pictures, with different sizes, for the same PICTURE tag or IMG tag with srcset.

It would be a great improve for SEO and pagespeed, and gtmetrix indicators.

At the moment, if a picture is delivered with the PICTURE tag, the CMS manages the picture via the inner IMG tag, leaving the other SOURCE tags unchanged, and this is not ok, because you end up with other files on the site as what expected.

Thank you.


To be honest, It’s more likely we’ll start supporting figure/figcaption before srcset. The latter is pretty tricky with any WYSIWYG editor, and clients are apt to misuse it (or not use it at all).


On second thought, this could be an opt-in feature where Surreal generates smaller versions of the image during upload. If we automated it, the user wouldn’t have to do anything out of the ordinary to make it work. Let me think on this some more.