Pausing Repeating Elements?


Regarding repeating elements - for example, a coffeehouse that is listing upcoming music performances - many musicians will perform one month, and then again sometime after that. Question: can they set up a repeating element for that musician, then keep it in the CMS, but “pause” it (comment it out via the interface, not via the html)? I had them use this feature when we had them set up in WebYep. Now I want to switch them over to Surreal.


Repeatable regions are static just like all other content. There’s no built-in toggle to disable them, but you’ll be able to achieve something like this with 5.2’s code snippets feature. They could just delete the block to remove it and add it again from the menu.


Thanks, Cory. Any approximate idea of the 5.2 ETA? — Soonest, latest?


A month or two would be a good guess. There are some other things on the list too :slight_smile:


Thanks! :slight_smile:


Snippets have landed. Please see this topic for details.


Snippets to the rescue! Thanks, Cory!