Pages not found on server!


I have set up a client to access the muse site I have created. The hosting service I use has been set up with a new ftp account specifically for the site and I have allowed access to the ftp host via the IP number given in the surrealcms section. The pages are all enabled and everything is looking great except when the client goes to publish a change he is told that the page cannot be found on the server. What am I doing wrong?
What do i need to do to get this sorted out? Does my host account need to be unlocked 24/7?Does anyone have any advise?


Chances are, one of two things is happening:

  1. Your server requires the PASV option. Try toggling it in Sites > Settings

  2. Your home folder is incorrect. Try using the browse button in Sites > Settings to locate the correct path.

That usually solves the “Unable to locate file” error :slight_smile:


Thanks Cory. It is PASV enabled and still it has the error. All pages seem fine in settings…


Looks like we resolved this via email. I believe it was the home folder :slight_smile: