Page uneditable


Does anyone know how to fix the problem shown in the attached screenshot? The page loads but all the editable areas are outlined in Red and the cursor changes to a “no-entry” sign meaning that nothing is editable. I’ve already checked the server setting to make sure access is allowed, and I’m able to edit the files through an FTP application using the same login credentials as SurealCMS.

Any help would be appreciated


Red dashed outlines indicate one of two things:

  1. The region you’ve defined is an unsupported element (see this page for details).

  2. The CMS can’t auto-assign IDs to editable regions. This can happen when your FTP settings are pointing to a different set of files than your web server. It might also happen if the FTP user doesn’t have write access, or if your website is behind a caching service and the cache hasn’t been busted since the IDs were added.

I’ve responded to your support email separately with more details. I hope you’re able to get this resolved soon!