Outside my box (stuff that can be done in Surreal)


I have just started using Surreal and did not realize one could do some things at first.
Here are a couple of them, in case there are cool things people are doing that I did not know about and maybe they would share.
There may be a disincentive to share with Whitelabeling, but hey- Cory shows no fear of sharing…
Knowing what can be done beforehand is good so you can start (your client) with a bang.

  1. There were a lot of html canned routines (like site-wide html pop out menus) in our non-profit that I found were expanded in CMS
    to take more space and make it harder to edit and follow the real code in html.
    In both beautify and prettier there are toggles that prevent the expansion of code.
    The board says that beautify is used but those toggles didn’t work.
    However a few months ago I found Cory switched to prettier, so I found I could prevent these js and html routines from expanding using
    // prettier-ignore or (which ignore the next node ). Ie a whole
    or function.
    This was done before the site was put under CMS so I wouldn’t have to put Humpty Dumpty back.
  2. A nice feature is that you can drag in or paste stuff in the CMS-editable area… Dragging in an image or pdf or html file uploads it to your upload directory,
    and pasting it allows it to be saved in the new web page.
    In our non-profit we often repeat the same activities more or less each year, or if not the same, similar (eg a lecture series subject and presenter might change) and build the activity list over the year.
    . So we saved several previous years schedules so my client can look at them, but not CMS edit them. (saved in the CMS site directory)…
    (a block for each activity would have had to be generated and it probably would not be used)
    If they want to put an event similar, they can duplicate a block in this year’s schedule or add a blank block that I put in the block section.,
    and then copy and paste an event from a previous year, and change some of the details… This also can include pictures or certain size crops of pictures.
    Our Image subdirectory with images, was duplicated in the upload directory but we left the image subdirectory where it was also (so all the old pictures would still work,
    and couldn’t be deleted, but the client could also use any image we already had in new CMS edits. Makes it easy to see what has changed also.
    (and since site images are sized properly, is not that wasteful)
  3. We don’t have access to v5, so also found a way to change colors, change font sizes backgrounds on these blocks or any CMS-editable area…
    This might be used with clients chomping at the bit till fancier editing might be available… That is to use a plug in in Chrome or Firefox .
    For example the free plug-in “Page Edit” was installed. It has an edit interface almost the same as the one in CMS, except it has color, background, font size changes… ie extra stuff…
    You cannot use it In CMS, but one way it works, you publish a page in CMS, use Chrome or Firefox with the plug in to ‘edit’ it, on the web, then copy the paragraph you edited ,
    go back to CMS, and select the paragraph you want to change and paste and publish.
    The client cannot change anything except the area you made CMS editable so you are somewhat protected from wild clients.
  4. I still didn’t work out cropping the actual picture (as a client) other than downloading the picture to the computer,
    using windows tools to crop, size and then upload to the upload directory and replace the picture on the site using CMS.
  5. I didn’t quite get how to use CMS background edit, but a helpful user suggested I should pad my background div so I could see it which worked
    …(and I still don’t get background cropping!)
  6. We modified the Word doc for v5 for clients that is on the site to deal with our web site and gave other site specific information
    (which I imagine is sort of how you whitelabelers share with your clients)—thanks for that word doc.
  7. We use a way fancier slide program (wowsider) but you have to set it up with one of the pc’s , so we added a template per Cory’s instructions for lightbox,
    so if the client is determined to make a slide show on a new page they can.
    8…If I am oversharing… just ignore!


Interesting info.

Point 3 – Personally I really like that in Version 7 the client has not got the ability to change colours, font sizes etc. When clients could make these changes, they would go wild with it.

Point 4 – unlike Version 5, Version 7 no longer has the ability to scale and crop images (keeping the aspect ratio).