Old Surreal vs New Surreal


Hey Cory. I have just got myself started on the LAMP stack and was just wondering about your decision to move surreal from PHP to NodeJS or something like that. Why did you do that? Also, in terms of the whole development time…how long did it take you to rebuild the CMS?


I wrote some thoughts on this when I moved Postleaf from PHP to Node in 2017: https://www.abeautifulsite.net/posts/moving-to-nodejs/

how long did it take you to rebuild the CMS?

Probably close to a year, but I did a lot of experimenting on the front and back end. It’s a great way to learn new things :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing the link. I appreciate it. Surreal is pretty good. I was wondering though if you have considered in terms of editing…having an editing style that’s free from WYSIWYG…Because as for me clients have always messed up my styling…adding more breaks…changing font styling…etc. They do this by accident of course. So is there a possibility of just old plain text editing and maybe on the side you can see how the page looks…but not necessarily editing directly on the page? That I way I don’t have to worry about my CSS being affected.


You can define text-only regions using data-type="text".

  <!-- Plain-text region -->

Of course, this limits what they can add to the content region as well (e.g. headings, images, links, etc.).


This is wonderful. Thanks