New Code Cleanup Tool


Back in 2009 I created DirtyMarkup, a code cleanup tool that was basically a GUI for HTML Tidy.

I sold it a couple years ago, and since then the new owners slapped on a header (that makes the page scroll) and some banner ads. :unamused:

I missed having my own tool, so last week I built a new one from scratch that’s even better. :muscle:

The new tool doesn’t use Tidy. Instead, it relies on JS Beautify for cleaning up HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code. That means it doesn’t require a binary and the results are instant.

If you’re interested, I posted a write-up about it.

DirtyMarkup - a free tool to clean HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Hi, it looks great. I haven’t used a tool like this before, but I’m wondering if it could highlight where it has cleaned up the code? I’ve just used it and I can’t easily tell if it has made any changes.


I don’t think JS Beautify does that, but you could run it through a diff tool if you really need to know.

JS Beautify is just a beautifier though — it doesn’t repair and modify tags like HTML Tidy, for example.


I have been using Dirty Markup for awhile and I knew it was owned by you but then the domain changed and I thought you must have sold it.

What sort of deal did you do?

I really like the new tool and have already used it to clean up code. Very well thought out.


The buyer said they were building a collection of tools for web designers, but I think they ultimately just wanted it for traffic. Since DirtyMarkup uses a binary (HTML Tidy) it has to be run on a VPS, so it had recurring costs + zero revenue, hence the sale.

The new tool I wrote can be hosted entirely on a CDN, so the cost is negligible.


Thanks Cory. Impressed that you created this in two days!