Needing some extra features


There are some things my clients are requesting that I don’t know how to deliver. Am I missing something?

  1. Need to be able to set some properties like margin and padding. Especially around images. Personally I can edit the code to add, but I offer my clients this solution for editing their pages and they don’t know code. For example, if they want to wrap text around an image, they can click “align left” but then the text is crammed next to the image.

  2. Navigation support. I don’t know a good answer here. But since there is an option to let them create pages, it would be nice if they could add the page to navigation with the styling that is already in place. Pagelime had a feature for navigation that I never tried so I don’t know how well it worked. But I have a client who would like to have control of their navigation so I’m looking for ideas.

  3. Adding DIVs. I know Tables are on there. Most of us do not encourage tables for layout. Scenario: Client wants to create a box for a quote that would have a gray background and black border, rounded corners, float right with a left margin, padding on the inside.

If there are ways to do these things, great! If not, I would like to suggest them as features.


A couple of solutions:

  1. Set up some Custom Styles in the CMS to apply to images, using appropriate bits from the site style sheet:

.picture_left {
float: left;
margin: 0 1em 1em 0;

setting the image to have a right and bottom margin of 1em, for example. The trick comes in naming the Custom Styles sensibly and telling the client what they mean and when to apply them…

  1. Working with a client on the menu issue this week!
    The menu in question is a standard list as described in the intro to php includes as seen here:

The trouble with a list like this is the client has to click at the end of the item in the menu which is before where they wish to insert the new menu item, click return, enter the menu text and then select text & link it to the new page they have previously created: this took quite a long conversation!

I’m looking at repeatable items for a menu as a better solution:

<div id=“my-menu” class=“editable”>
    <ul class=“repeatable”>
        <li>menu item 1</li>
        <li>menu item 2</li>
        <li>menu item 3</li>

  1. Adding DIVs: for any “components” you want available, add a code snippet for the client to insert on the page. Set it up in the site style sheet and again be sure to call it something sensible - clients have a habit of doing things that you never imagined even a toddler would try :slight_smile:


Exactly what @brynmor said.

In regards to navigation, this will be improved drastically with blocks in 6.0. In the meantime, repeatable regions are a good way to add/remove/reorder menu items :slight_smile:


The real goal is to find a UI way for them to add some styles. I can easily whip up some CSS for whatever I want to do. And I do like the way the custom CSS classes show in the menu. Nice touch. But since my clients no nothing about CSS, it means I would have to write the classes for whatever they might want and put it in there so they can use it. It would be great to have a dialog box akin to TinyMCE, for example, where they launch and add in the margin figures, or padding, or other useful styles.

Looking forward to what comes of the menu solution.

I’ve not tried your code snippets. I’ll see what that is about.

I have a meeting this morning with the client that is calling for more editable control of their content. I’ll see what they specifically want.