My client has no money, which license?


Client sells t-shirts out of his truck as a startup and does not have much money. He wants to display pricing information on his website, but will not sell his t-shirts there. I am a starting freelance web designer and he wants to have me build his website. If I had the business plan, I can charge as much as I wanted a month, correct? What is defined as commercial? is it based on his revenue or my revenue? He definitely can’t afford $12 a month. I might be able to pay for it for him, but that would make me non profit.

Which license do I use?


From the terms of service:

The Company considers a commercial website to be one that generates revenue or promotes or advertises a for-profit business, product, or service. Whether a website is deemed commercial is left solely to the discretion of the Company.

So a website doesn’t necessarily have to sell a product or service to be considered commercial.