More options for uneditable regions



Just a quick suggestion regarding uneditable regions. I think it would be pretty sweet if we could change exactly how an uneditable an uneditable region was, maybe using a modifier class?


<h1 class="uneditable">Lorem Ipsum</h1> - Standard Syntax | Cannot be edited, styled or deleted

<h1 class="uneditable -deleteable">Lorem Ipsum</h1> - Cannot be edited but can be deleted

<h1 class="uneditable -styleable">Lorem Ipsum</h1> - Cannot be edited but can be restyled


We’re unfortunately at the mercy of TinyMCE here. Their handling of contentEditable="false" has improved significantly in 4.4 (Surreal currently uses 4.2), but I still don’t see anything that prevents it from being deleted.

Heads up! We’ll be pushing the 5.1 update later today, which includes a light UI refresh and some other enhancements. It will also bring TinyMCE up to date with the latest stable version :slight_smile:


Is there any way we can get notified of releases and updates, so we can be better equipped to notify our users? Will that be done through the forum from now on?


It’s usually posted on Twitter and sent out as an email. The forum may be a good place to discuss it too.

We tend to do Friday releases since usage drops off quite a bit over the weekend, which means if any bugs slipped through the cracks they’re usually fixed by Monday before they impact the majority of users.

I’m going to post a new thread with some 5.1 previews in a second :slight_smile:


Link to 5.1 updates: Surreal CMS 5.1