Hurricane Matthew


Just a heads up: support may be delayed over the next few days as we hunker down for Hurricane Matthew.

I’ve lived in Florida for many years, so hurricanes are nothing new (2004 was a fun year). My family is prepared and safe, but one of the first things to go is always cable and Internet. Cell towers aren’t usually affected as quickly, but it does happen in serious storms.

That said, our infrastructure is in New York so the service itself won’t be affected by the storm.

If you’re in the southeast U.S., stay safe. For everyone else, thanks in advance for your patience over the next few days.


Don’t worry about it man, stay safe :heart_decoration:


The storm is pretty much over for us. All is well. It was a long night but fortunately we didn’t have damage or lose power.

Happy to report that all support tickets were answered on schedule! :white_check_mark: