How to generate a Gallery snippet?


Hi, I want to generate a snippe für a gallery.
This is my code:

        <div class="editable-gallery">
            <a href="fotos/2018/rl/02022018/8.jpg"><img src="fotos/2018/rl/02022018/8.jpg" alt=""></a>
            <a href="fotos/2018/rl/02022018/18.jpg"><img src="fotos/2018/rl/02022018/18.jpg" alt=""></a>
            <a href="fotos/2018/rl/02022018/20.jpg"><img src="fotos/2018/rl/02022018/20.jpg" alt=""></a>

But it doesnot seem to work. How can I generate an editable gallery as code-snippet?


Editable galleries can’t currently be nested inside editable regions. This is something we’re working on improving with the 6.0 release, due out later this year. Until then, galleries need to be created by the designer :slight_smile:


Although not an ideal solution, I have in the past provided clients with a gallery Page Template which they can add for themselves. I set the template up with a dummy thumbnail and image that they could then edit for themselves, plus upload additional images.

The advantage of this is they can have more than one gallery page on different subjects. You do have to emphasize that images must be in a set size/ratio - never underestimate the ability of users to upload 10Mb images from their computer! :slight_smile: