Hosting & FTP - Help


My website is hosted with Netlify, which is a great platform but that, unfortunately, does not have a FTP system in place. Is there a way I can use Surreal CMS and host in Netlify with the support of an additional platform? Or what are the recommended hosting websites (hopefully free!) that have FTP?


Netlify and other git-based providers aren’t currently supported. I’m exploring whether or not this is something Surreal will be able to do, but it’s quite challenging due to the way Surreal currently works and the way Netlify, Vercel, and similar services do deployments.


Thanks for your comment! I would really like to use Surreal, so is there any hosting websites you recommend that I can use instead of Netlify?


I don’t have any recommendations for free hosts, but here are some low-cost shared hosts that might be helpful.

  • DreamHost - I personally use their shared hosting for testing FTP

  • bluehost - Another popular one

  • namecheap - Yet another popular one

  • GoDaddy - They are huge on upselling and some question their ethics; I don’t like to recommend them, but a lot of users have success with them