Help - Pages will not load in editor


Hi, I’m new to surreal cms but have a little experience with getting sites online using netlify in the past. But I want to use surreal since then my clients can use the editor for each of their future edits.

I have tried to set up two sites using surreal and both have the same issue, The editor will not load the webpage, after clicking enable pages.

This just loads forever (I left it for a few days to be sure). Strangly I am able to view the source code with no issues. I am even able to edit the source code over FTP from within surreal.

Both sites are hosted with infinity-free with domains from Hostgator. (
Despite having an SSL certificate on the site and forcing all traffic through https, I still get a mixed content warning in the console when I try to view the site in the editor, could this be the issue. There are also multiple 404 errors.

Any and all support would be greatly appreciated, Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hi, I’ll need more info to troubleshoot this. I think I just responded to your support request via email, but if that wasn’t you please feel free to submit one through the CMS so I can take a closer look at the site in question. :slight_smile:


Hi Cory, thanks for the reply, I am the person you responded to via email. Sorry for posting duplicates, when I submitted the original request there was no confirmation of it so I assumed it was never made.

I’ll try disabling some scripts but really all I’m using are lightbox, jquery, and a little script for making some arrows clickable. Could this issue be caused by my hosting provider adding more files than necessary, to my folder? Do relative paths to CSS files count as insecure ?


From the screenshot, it looks like something is requesting and that may be where the insecure/mixed content warning is coming from.

Do relative paths to CSS files count as insecure ?

Relative paths will resolve to the same protocol + hostname as the original URL, so no, if the website is secure, relative paths will also be secure. :slight_smile: