Having Trouble Allowing Clients to Add Components in Surreal


I would appreciate your help. I don’t know if someone has faced this before but am having trouble allowing my client to add some of the content. Please see the following two pages:


In this page I would like a client to be able to add a new card that show properties, but Surreal can’t seem to provide me with a great solution. Any ideas on what should be done in this case? I have tried implementing the repeatable regions but they can’t add a card to the right or left.

Another page is this one:


Same problem.



If the cards are displayed using CSS grid

display: grid;

would this help? Then new cards will simply display to the right of old cards, or if the repeatable element is moved up it would then be to the left of an old card?


This might help. Thanks for the suggestion. Eventually JavaScript has to come and save the day.