Google is flagging Surreal CMS as a risk


Just FYI, Google is labeling Surreal CMS as ‘risky’. We’re not concerned, or going anywhere, but it might bother or deter others.

Here’s the notification they show:



I had the same issue. Google makes it quite scary to connect Surreal to Analytics.


I submitted the app for verification months ago. In true Google fashion, it’s still “being verified.”

I made some trivial changes so it would let me resubmit the app for verification [again], but who knows if they’ll ever get around to reviewing it.

Fortunately, you can disregard this warning and proceed with authentication. Hopefully the folks at Google will get around to this soon.


I figured you were aware of it, and assumed - being Google - that it was a hassle to do. No big deal, just wanted to make sure you knew. I trust you more than Google anyway.


Since I’ve restarted the verification process, I’ve been through three rounds of emails trying to get Surreal verified. Each time, Google requests something else that I need to do and I reply showing my conformance.

The latest email is just incredible:

Dear Developer,

Thank you for your response.

In order to continue with the verification process, you’ll need to create and provide a link to a YouTube video that shows how you’ll use the data you access using OAuth scopes.

I wish I were kidding, but this is a legitimate request. :roll_eyes:

Ironically, one can continue using Google APIs without jumping through hoops (just with the scary oAuth screen), so I’m not sure why they’re being so incredibly difficult about this. My domains are verified, the service clearly and obviously exists at said domains, and they have nearly 10 years of API usage data from the same account. :man_shrugging:t2:

I’ll keep trying to appease the Google bots.


Great news! Google finally approved my request to verify Surreal CMS. No more scary oAuth screen :smiley: