GoDaddy CNAME setup


Registrars (like GoDaddy) provide DNS record management panels (including A & CNAME Records) but Surreal CMS instruction page at mentions only to “change CNAME to”. It does not mention i.e. adding A Record (with Host: * and Points To: IP). Please clarify.


You don’t need an A record. If you want to use, you’d just create a CNAME for that points to

The subdomain shouldn’t exist as an A record. The CNAME is sufficient.


OK, thanks. I restored A Record to the original IP and modified (2) CNAME records to point to you ( But it is still “stuck” on the registrar’s (GoDaddy) parking page in spite a substantial propagation time passed. I contacted GoDaddy, as your help page suggests, but they firmly directed me back to you: I guess they like to help only people who host with them. Anyway, here is the complete record (incl. CNAME) list. Is there any CNAME record still missing or other conflicting records to properly integrate with Surreal CMS (a HTML/CSS hosting only)?

a 	@ 	600 seconds 	Edit
cname 	calendar
cname 	email
cname 	fax
cname 	files
cname 	ftp
cname 	imap
cname 	mail
cname 	mobilemail
cname 	pop
cname 	smtp
cname 	www
cname 	_domainconnect
mx 	@ (Priority: 5)
mx 	@ (Priority: 5)
mx 	@ (Priority: 10)
mx 	@ (Priority: 10)
mx 	@ (Priority: 1)
txt 	@ 	google-site-verification=...
ns 	@


To clarify, you don’t need an A record to create a custom domain for Surreal. You still need them for other subdomains.

The only thing you needed to do was add a single CNAME record:


Nothing else should have changed :slight_smile:


Thanks again but your suggestion is not practical enough: GoDaddy lists CNAME records under each domain (such as and after adding CNAME equivalent of what you suggest, their DNS Management app generates an error message. At this time, I restored my GoDaddy DNS record setting to the original. Please let me know what could be the solution here, while they send me back to you, besides me providing you with my client’s GoDaddy login credentials (off this forum) so you could test your suggestion yourself.

I understand you might be reluctant with handling problem resolution related to 3rd parties but please understand that what I am experiencing now is that “vacuum space” between Surreal CMS and GoDaddy where nothing is simple until a solution works.


This pretty much sums it up:

Particularly, step 7:

The host will be whatever you want it to be. If you want to use then put cms..

Then point it to as the alias. When it resolves, going to will show the same login page as


Yes I am familiar with that help page and that was my intention before - see above (and it didn’t work without modifying A Record):


To summarize your suggestion: adding such one record will solve the problem. The only logical explanation I have of why it didn’t work, in the first place, is that I modified the exiting record instead adding a new one. I’ll give a try again and let you know.


Well that was quick: all I get after attempting to add such CNAME record is “An unexpected error occurred. If this issue continues, contact support” message so I am back with nice people at GoDaddy.

I think, I start understanding the backdrop here: when registrars also sell hosting services making it too easy for their clients can be a “bad business”.

Cory, I really appreciate your help but, by a GoDaddy tech, I spoke with just now, you are “incorrect” as far what needs to be done at GoDaddy DNS Management for this to work:

  1. We can not “add” another CNAME www record to setting but only modify the existing record from CNAME www @ to CNAME www (as it is displayed at their DNS Management panel).

  2. The step 1 won’t work alone, we have to modify also the A Record (!) not directly but indirectly by using their Forwarding option (somewhat hidden at the bottom-right of GoDaddy DNS Management panel) to That will auto-change A Record to what needed.

I still need to wait for the the above DNS revisions to propagate. If it works, I can provide here a copy of my current settings so maybe that can help your new clients who are current GoDaddy customers.


I do not want to create a lot of content here but the frustration is real. GoDaddy DNS Forwarding (and consequently A Record), set earlier today by their tech, auto-defaulted itself to the previous values so I called them again. This time another tech tells me a different story that the previous one: modifying just CNAME (without forwarding/modifying A Record - just like you are suggesting) should work so I am awaiting a full propagation again.

If this won’t work, I will be forced to recommend to transfer/cancel/substitute both involved accounts.


Status update: your instruction of modifying CNAME only does not work with GoDaddy registrar at least currently: browsing to our site now issues a DSN ERROR message. Any ideas to finally resolve this issue, please? I will contact GoDaddy one more time hoping that I’ll get a more advanced tech.


I don’t understand why you are trying to add a cname for “www” rather than “cms” or “edit”


CNAME www was approved by (3) out of (5) GoDaddy techs. The 4th tech used CNAME cms But there is a bigger problem at GoDaddy which seems to be tri-fold:

  1. GoDaddy DNS Management app, per their (2) out of (5) techs, requires Forwarding/A Record revision to “point away” from their parking page regardless of the CNAME setup.

  2. GoDaddy DNS Management app, as observed by me twice, resets itself to default state (which consists of no Forwarding and A Record pointing to their IP) after setting Forwarding and revising A Record was done by (2) GoDaddy techs.

  3. GoDaddy techs do not make very accurate trouble ticket notes and, as a matter of fact, (2) out (5) wouldn’t care less about fixing anything non-standard. In short, good luck with efficient problem resolution when every tech has their own ideas.

My sincere advice is that, unless Surreal CMS staff prepares specific instructions for what to revise and how to assure it works for GoDaddy DNS Manager, this will not work. If I would be a Surreal CMS tech manager, just based on the number of GoDaddy-registered domain names, I would register a test domain with them and test that problem myself.


The instructions provided are generic and intended to work for any provider. We don’t have the resources to create tutorials for every possible host. In most of cases, this is as simple as creating a new CNAME record with the domain/subdomain you want and pointing it to

It sounds like the source of the trouble is coming from GoDaddy’s admin panel. I can’t personally recommend them as a host or as a registrar. In my experience, their support isn’t very knowledgeable (unless you get your ticket escalated) and the dashboard is jumpy, confusing, and full of upsells.

In the end, you don’t want to modify any existing DNS records. You simply want to add a single CNAME record like this:

Type               Hostname               Value

This assumes you’re using, but it could be or whatever else you want.

That’s all you have to do for custom domains to work.


Thanks but such CNAME modification causes GoDaddy DNS Manager to issue an error message telling to contact GoDaddy support. That, in turn, leads to a blank slate: each GoDaddy tech has a quite different idea what can be done but nothing works and their DNS Manager auto-resets itself to its default values.