FTP unable to connect to server


I try to add a new site but when I test it, a get an error: unable to connect to your server.

Greetings Menno


That means Surreal couldn’t establish a connection to your server. Try double checking that:

  • The Server field is correct (this is usually a domain name or an IP address — don’t use a protocol such as http:// here)

  • The port is correct (this is usually only a problem if you’re using a custom port number)

  • Your server/webhost may be locking FTP access (make sure it’s open for our IP address:

  • Your server/webhost is blocking connections based on geographic locations (the connections will originate from New York, USA)

If you’re still having trouble connecting, feel free to submit a help request through the CMS so I can take a closer look!


Hello Cory,

You write NOT to use the http protocol. But when I fill in a link (without http) and I go to another field than automaticilly comes http for my link. What do I do worong ??



I’m also not able to connect all of a sudden, even on sites I’ve been updating for many months


That’s for the URL. Don’t include http:// in the Server field :slight_smile: