Free Hosting Services with Surreal CMS


Hey @cory

I might need to double check this but can Surreal CMS work with the numerous free hosting services we have right now? Am talking about Netlify, Github Pages, Surge (, Vercel, etc.

If not, what will it take? Just curious. Thanks


Surreal doesn’t work with git-based hosting or anything that requires a build/deploy after publishing.

The reason for this is that the CMS reads/writes directly to your web server and, once a file is published, you’d need to wait a few minutes or more depending on your build (complex builds can take hours).

This is inefficient and clients won’t understand why they have to wait to see their changes after clicking the save button. The solution would be to change the workflow so that publishing doesn’t happen until after you make all your edits, then click a “Build Now” button.

In my experience, clients won’t click that button. Or they’ll click it after every save and queue up a bunch of builds and send you messages asking why their changes aren’t live yet.


Thanks. Makes sense. I wanted to take advantage of the free hosting.