Feature Request: Limit access to the Uploads folder instead of the entire server directory


Basically, I’m proposing that there’s a checkbox in the settings of each website—something like: “Disable access to entire directory.” Here’s what it would look like in the File Manager:

Would you use this feature?

  • Yes, I would use this feature.
  • No, but I bet it would be used by others a lot.
  • No, I don’t think it should be added.

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I think that is a great idea. My users are always saving files on the root of the site and it would be good if they couldn’t accidentally delete html pages from the file manager.


This will be resolved in 6.0. When you set Uploads Folder users will ONLY be able to upload files there. If unset, the default will be the root. :thumbsup:


Awesome! Good to hear, I just now was looking at some of the upcoming features and I’m excited! Surreal is by far one of the best services I have ever come across, and I wish more people knew about it. I’m gonna be here for a while :slight_smile: Thank you for creating something that was so needed in this industry! My clients continue to tell me how much the love the CMS as well.


Hmm, I’d rather be able to upload to multiple locations, e.g. Documents, Images, but preventing uploads to the root folder would be really useful.


Great ! thank you Cory :wink:


I would like to give access to all folders except root.
Thank you