Edit Source of Drafts


Currently it seems like editing the full source of a page while editing a draft only edits the currently published page rather than the draft. Is this something that can be done another way or needs to be added as a feature to the editor?


Yes, I’ve noticed this too. When you see the orange draft bar with the Edit button on a page in code view, you intuitively think clicking it will allow you to edit the most recent saved draft, but it doesn’t.


Yes, also, when you are editing a draft there’s no visible indication that you are editing the draft.


Yes, editing the full source always edits the source of the live page.

We actually don’t store the full source of each page in drafts/revisions. That would entail storing the full source of the main file and any include files, which could have unexpected side effects. Because of that, there’s really no way one could edit the full source of a draft, as a draft only exists as ['content-region-1', 'content-region-2', ...].

Maybe this needs to be clarified a bit on the Edit Full Source page. :thinking:

We can probably add an indicator to make this more obvious — perhaps turn the save button orange or a badge in the toolbar. Thanks for bringing this up.