Domain owners can control editors


Another great enhancement that would make the job of Surreal administrators much easier would be the ability for each domain to be able to manage permissions and access for its editors.

After we set up a new client on Surreal we have to continually manage the client’s editors over time, and this adds up to a lot of non-billable work because we can’t come up with a price structure that works for adding/removing editors or changing permissions.

Also, if each domain could have a list of its own users in its profile (rather than having to manually search users by domain key word) that would also make management a lot easier.


Here’s an example of a request that just came in:

  • “Brittany is no longer with the company and we need to disable her access to the website.”

This only takes a second to delete the user so we can’t justifiably bill them, but these add up over time.