Custom User-Agent on Edit Page



Our site currently uses a privately developed DDOS protection page for our end users. This requires possible bots to complete captchas, etc. This is served to every client as we have had issues with bots in the past.

We, of course, allow known Web Crawler user agents to bypass this protection page, but Surreal doesn’t seem to use a unique User-Agent. This prevents us from allowing clients from passing through the protection page to edit the actual HTML. Is this in the plans?


Surreal mimics a recent Chrome user agent because, in the past, custom user agent strings would get blocked for similar reasons (interpreted as not a human). I’ve had reasonably good success with the current approach, but a handful of users have mentioned the same thing you’ve described above.

The good news is that all requests will come from one of these IP addresses:

Version 5:
Version 7:

So if your host can whitelist based on an IP address, this would be preferable.

I supposed the other option is to make this an option at the site-level (e.g. toggle a checkbox to either mimic a real browser or use a custom user agent).

For now, let me know if the IP address solution works for you.