Content Changed in Source but Not Updating When Published



We’ve had issues in the past with updating content on this website: and have managed to update the content using the guide on this link: How to convert webpages using PageLime Stacks for RapidWeaver to static content

This was a couple of month’s ago and we have been trying again this morning to update the content but for some reason, it’s not working.

Our Process:

  1. After logging into the backend of the website we navigate to the desired page
  2. Click on edit > edit page source
  3. Update content > save at the bottom
  4. Once on the front end, click save > publish

If I go back to edit the source any changes I have made are still there and I’ve checked the file in the FTP and that is showing the updates too, so the file is writeable.

I’m wondering if there is some sort of cache blocking the updates on the front-end or something like that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


If you’re confident you’ve removed all the PHP blocks for the Stacks plugin (which is my biggest suspect in this case) then there are a couple other reasons that this could happen:

  • You may be accessing a different FTP server or a different set of files than what the web server is serving.
  • Your website may be behind a CDN or a caching service (e.g. CloudFlare).


Hi Cory,

Thanks for the heads up.

Yeah I’ve double checked the PHP blocks as we have managed to update the website successfully before after removing the code and this was earlier this year.

I’ve checked with a developer and they can’t see any issue with the FTP or caching service.

Has the CMS updated at all recently? Any other ideas or similar issues which could be causing the problem.


I tried making a tiny change to the homepage’s source. The change saves and restores via FTP, but that change didn’t propagate to the live site. This tells me that the web server may be serving a different set of files. Next, I pinged the URL and the Server and found two different IP addresses (they’re usually the same).

Has anything changed with your web host recently? Has the site moved? Have the FTP settings changed? These are all things to consider in this case!