ColdFusion is no longer supported in version 7


ColdFusion-based websites are no longer supported starting in version 7. My goal was to continue supporting ColdFusion like in previous versions, but Surreal’s new HTML parser is rewriting certain tags, causing things to break.

This isn’t an impossible problem to solve, but given the small number of CF sites being managed and the amount of work it will take to support them, it doesn’t make much sense for me to continue supporting them.

If you’re managing ColdFusion sites, you’ll probably want to stay on version 5. Keep in mind that static includes are a thing now, so if you’re just using CF for includes, you can go full static now.

Apologies to anyone using ColdFusion that may be affected.


Thanks for the update and while disappointing, I understand the reasons for not fixing this issue.

One question - how long do you intend to continue maintaining version 5?



There are a number of things preventing version 5 from end-of-life.

  • The HTTPS problem
  • ColdFusion support
  • Custom domains
  • Power users who can’t upgrade right away
  • Continued testing for version 7

At this time, I plan on leaving V5 up as long as it needs to be.

Version 7 is a forward-thinking app, and I made some hard line decisions to make it happen. Unfortunately, some of those decisions make it harder for V5 users to upgrade, so the least I can do is keep supporting those users until they’re comfortable upgrading.

I’m hoping to get the upgrade script done soon so users can start migrating, but again, this is a complete rewrite and I’m still finding things (such as this issue) that will cause problems for some users upgrading.

To be clear, version 7 is stable and works very well. The trouble is keeping everything backwards compatible while moving the app forward — and doing it all on a completely different stack is quite a challenge. :sweat_smile: