CMS doesn't Publish changes



We have an issue with CMS intermittently not publishing changes to any of our sites.

Sometimes it will publish a change, but most times it just spins and the change is not published, and this is affecting all the sites and all the users we have. It started approximately last week, and we have not changed anything in either our process, or our website templates (there are two).

I have sent an email through the Support portal as well, but posting here too, in case someone might know what the problem may be and how to solve it, or maybe someone else might be experiencing the same issue. Here is a screenshot of inspecting the page after trying to publish a change and it just spins:

Any help would be appreciated, since all our users are having this issue and it has really been affecting us a lot.

Thank you!


So while I was typing this post, the change I attempted to make in CMS and used to create the screenshot posted above, to show how it spins - it finally processed after a really long time, here is the screenshot of that too:

I added this screenshot in case it may be of any further help.

Thank you again in advance!


I’m sorry to hear that. I’m not seeing any reports of this from other users, and since it’s happening to multiple websites, my question is how are they hosted?

If they’re on a shared server, I’d suspect an issue there. If so, where’s the server located? What’s memory usage look like? It could be bogged down and causing latency (since the request eventually finishes).

Aside from that, it’s hard to say without knowing more info. Feel free to submit a help request if you want to share more info without posting it publicly.