Cheerleading Gym


Since this is Show & Tell, the following was the first site I used surreal on. It was developed for a very non-technical staff at the gym in the hopes that they could update it on their own. Though I still occasionally have to hop on or field a question, within just a few months they have become relatively self-sufficient and really enjoy working with surreal. The repeating sections still confuse the heck out of them. :slight_smile:

Central Jersey Allstars


Thanks for sharing, Joe!

Do you think the staff would grasp the idea of being able to insert a predefined code snippet into the editor better than repeatable regions?


That’s a good question. It’s not rocket-science so I’m sure they’d get the hang of it after a while. So if I understand correctly, you mean have something along the lines of the templates where they could copy code, paste it into the editor, save and then edit as the normally would?

I could see that being a possibility. I can also seei that leading to a lot of issues which is why I’m leery of them touching the code directly. (again very non technical) If they paste just one thing in the wrong place… ugh.


I was thinking something like predefined snippets that they would insert by selecting from a dropdown in the editor. They wouldn’t actually be touching any code :slight_smile:


Oh well then yes, that would definitely be a benefit. :slight_smile:


I’ve also found that clients find repeatable regions confusing, I think a big “Add something” button with options for the client to add would be fantastic, so developers cold create code snippets and label them, so the client knew what they were inserting into the page :slight_smile: